Webcast is basically web presentation service to communicate globally on business, education, community events and many more.
  Webcast is a proven, cost-effective, and state of the art Internet based service to communicate live with a global audience for a vast range of applications ranging from webcast for Business, Education and community events.....
  For Business
  Will be a premier Business communications tool in everyday business activities never thought of.

Marketing, Products Launch and promotion, Sales meetings, Training, performance review, and investor relations can be handled as ease.
  For Education

This 2-way real-time communications between the Teacher & the students create an almost real classroom like environment.

  Institutions can increase the student off campus phenomenally.
Lectures can even be attended at home or at office desk.
Lectures can also be attended over Internet while on a short trip in another city.
Can access Lectures on demand at any time if allowed by the Institute.
No travel or time restrictions for ladies and younger students.
  For Community Services/events
  You can Webcast live and share with your friends and relatives who are away and
who can’t attend your festivities in person can still participate online
Birthday Parties
Shastiabtha Poorthi,sathabhishegam celebrations
Religious Pujas
Home Festivals
Any event or meetings including political party meetings
  Now you can webcast marriage ceremonies over Internet so that your relatives & friends who can’t attend the wedding in person can still join the event Live if so desired. Now irrespective of the location where the marriage ceremony is held. They can view the ceremony Live from the comfort of their PC/Laptop sitting in their home or office. Webcast presentation even helps you send your wishes & blessings online to the newlyweds

Even if Live webcast is not viewed/missed for any reason, you can still watch at leisure, the recorded webcast of the marriage/event video for sharing it with your relatives & friends at a convenient time/day of your choice
  Wedding of SRIRAM
  Thirumanam Pesalam Vaanga – 26/09/10
(Monthly Event of NMS Trust – Chennai)

  Thirumanam Pesalam Vaanga – 31/10/10
(Monthly Event of NMS Trust – Chennai)
  Sashtiapthapoorthi Celebrations of SRI. Arunachalam on 3rd & 4th November – 10
  Wedding Reception at chennai of Sri Balaji– Son of Azhagu Murugappan 10th Nov - 10
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